Detroit photographer Keith Emmerich specializes in architectural and documentary photography.

Compelling - Artistic - Authentic


Detroit Street Photography

Here is a collection of people from Detroit. 

Pictures of Detroit

This is a collection of my Pictures of Detroit. You will find pictures from downtown to Belle Isle. Inside abandoned buildings and beautiful city landmarks. 

Abandoned Buildings of Detroit has been my longest running personal project. My first love of photography. 

Belle Isle has always been one of my favorite places to hide in the city. It is the crown jewell and it loaded with beautiful things to do.

Eastern Market is the place to be on a Saturday morning. An amazing farmers market loaded with graffiti and beautiful murals.

Cars in the Wild

Cars in the wild was created on all of my roadtrips. Combing thru junkyards, backyards, and open fields was this combination of rust and color. 

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