Pictures of Detroit

Keith began his photo journey capturing pictures of Detroit, Michigan. He fell in love and documenting the architecture of the 1920's.  He focused his lenses on the beauty of the abandoned interiors and exteriors. 

Cars in the Wild

Growing up in Metro Detroit and the youngest child in an automotive family it was a natural fit for Keith to photograph cars. His cars in the wild series is a beautiful collection of old cars found in the wild.

Street Portraits

As you walk the streets of any major city you will find homeless people. Keith choose to shoot with short lenses and talk with each person to hear their story and document it.


If you need a studio or location we can serve all types of portrait needs. We work with lots of musicians, actors, politicians, and business professionals.


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My blog is called The Fine Light and it will have some stories, technical information, and possibly some tutorials in the future.

My about page has a short overview of me. Get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss rates, scheduling and more. 

The picture on the right was a self portrait I took at The Heidelberg Project many years ago and I always loved the information booth.

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