On February 17th, 1991 Mckenzie Hall at Wayne State University was imploded. This morning trip with my Dad set events in motion. One, a love for the city of Detroit and its architecture. Two, the joy of exploring and taking pictures. It was awhile before I picked up a camera but I looked and looked. I studied the history and the city. 

As I was studying photography I was researching Paul Strand. He had photographed a blind homeless woman using a trick lens. I didn't have a trick lens. I was using a hand me down 35mm Pentax K1000 that my aunt gave me. I started walking the streets and photographing the  homeless in Detroit. I was not interested in just a photo, I was looking to talk and seek the story behind the people in my photos. I soon started to venture into the abandoned buildings of Detroit. The history in these spaces combined with their beauty made them impossible to not want to venture into. 

If you are here for a visit. I suggest you spend a Saturday morning at Eastern Market in Detroit. It's an amazing location for sights and sounds. Then, add the colors, artwork and people along with food and music you will have spent a great morning. I promise!! One of my other favorite places since I was a child was Belle Isle. It is an island just east of downtown. you will find an aquarium, a conservatory and so many great spots to hike and relax.

Thanks for visiting this portfolio. It has and will continue to be a focus of my work.

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