Social Media

My social media or I suppose we should say the lack of any social media presence. I do have a personal FB page and every so often I do check it time to time for some groups or seeing what some of my family and friends have been getting into. 

I used to use social media to promote my photography. I had a decent following and had likes and comments. The most important part I was able to convert some of that into assignments and money. It has always been a race to the bottom. People beg for subscribers, comments and likes. Cruising thru this link of the most liked photos on instagram and the quality of the pictures aren’t exactly ground breaking. #1 is the cherry on top…what social media is truly about.  

Over the last few years I suppose a lot of us have felt that social media is toxic. Now, toxic can range many options and conversations. Political, religious or frankly an opinion on anything that someone else disagrees with can ramp up the drama. I have watched family vs family and/or friends vs friends destroy great relationships over a difference of opinion. 

Something inside of me began to change. I am nearly positive that changes in my personal life combining with all the negative out of social media moved me to a position of change. The lack of empathy and respect for others  made it easy to move on. 

The most important part to me was the human relationship part. However, the list is much deeper and I don’t think I wish to write a novel so I list some other. This list is in no particular order and I am sure I will miss a thing or two but i’m only human and often make mistakes. If I miss one of your main social media let me know. 

1. algorithms 

2. privacy issues

3. getting likes does not quantify to quality photos

4. the fact checking is a joke

5. cancel culture - fake reviews

I am sure there is more reasons and issues but thats where I am at as of today. Maybe one day I will return…I am not a never say never again kind of guy. 

My photo outreach is this website. This blog and posting my photos is the way I can communicate. I don’t care about or worry about likes or comments. If they happen cool…I might never even be found. Thats a risk I am willing to take. I am the most important part of this process. The goal is to shoot and create for me. I am not going to force myself into some social demand. 

I do feel showing your work is important and essential for a creative. Beyond this website and a gradual push for galleries and walls to hang my work this is the path I am on.

One more thought before I go. Youtube; I love YouTube! I watch sooo many videos on YouTube. This is the one place I have considered to getting into. Youtube also suffers from a lot of issues we have talked about. However, how and what you broadcast is about a message and maybe not the work. What I mean is I could use YouTube for communication rather than portfolio approval seeking. 

If you have found me and sticking around this long…thanks! Have a great day!


As of May 1st I have been posting photos to twitter. I have really enjoyed the spaces options. 

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