Introductions and hello!

Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan

Hello! My name is Keith Emmerich, and welcome to my little spot on the web. I currently don’t post to social media. This is the only location to find my work and information about my photography. 

I have been interested in photography since 1991. My Dad and I took a mini roadtrip into Detroit and watched Mackenzie Hall get imploded. That morning with my Dad began my curiosity of photography and my love for taking pictures of Detroit

I have had other blogs in the past and have let them all go. They were focused on my professional work. At this time I have let go of working professionally. I am 100% focused on creating pictures that I am curious about. I am free from clients and demands. I am free to do what I want and how I want. I am not shooting for money but shooting for the love of what I want to do. 

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